A lot can be accomplished when we think about time differently

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I learned the best productivity advice from my former marketing coach.

Most folks believe if they work on something non-stop, they will be able to churn out more work at a faster rate. What usually happens is the exact opposite: a feeling of shame, stress and paralysis when we can’t fulfill the lofty goal we have set for ourselves.

On top of that, we’ve burned ourselves out, making it all the more difficult to come back for more.

Enter my coach, who changed the way I thought about tasks and how to complete them with more ease.

Her advice is…

Not everything we write will be published, but it can still be useful

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Hi writers.

I was cleaning out my notes this morning and I wanted to pass along three observations about how our unpublished work can still serve us.

I have a ton of articles I’ve started, but then lost interest in, little tidbits I jotted down but then moved on to another subject, and even a list of ideas that I may or may not pursue.

While there are drafts I delete altogether, a lot of it sits in my Evernote, patiently waiting for me to return to it.

Writing is part of how we spend our time — and time…

Good stuff always happens when we least expect it

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I truly hope every writer has the experience of their work going viral. It is a huge learning experience and it’s also really fun!

Back in May 2019, I wrote an article for Elephant Journal. At that time, Elephant was changing up their website and I accidentally self-published my piece versus clicking the option to send it in to the editors.

After writing to them to explain my dilemma, an editor got back to me saying she was so glad that I wrote in, because she was making my piece Editor’s Pick.

The piece was shared. Very quickly, it started…

Let’s be honest: living inside ourselves can be exhausting.

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The modern world tends to hurl information at us faster than we can absorb it, and I don’t know about you, but man, it can all be a bit too much at times.

I’m always on the lookout for tools and tricks to help ease some of this overwhelm. The more we understand how something works, the better we become at being our own healer, therapist and cheerleader.

Below are 5 tools that have helped me invite more ease and grace into my continuously evolving relationship with myself and how I think, process and create. …

Because we all get in our head sometimes.

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Image by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Hey there, fellow writer.

I know there are a lot of these articles out there but I have 3 things to share that I hope will serve you, inspire you, and give you some relief.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the competition and forget about the bigger picture of what we do — which is to serve with our words.

We are all channeling when we write. We are relaying information that we feel connected to and hope it connects with others, because, well, that’s part of being human. …

Who the hell was outside my window?

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The rain woke me up. It never rains in L.A.

Well, not never. Rarely. And not like this. It was absolutely pouring.

It was late. At least 3am. The rain was coming sideways and making little tapping sounds on my very old window.

From my bed, I see a shadow move across my sight line and my body freezes. Who the hell was outside my window? I watch it move towards the steps to the porch and I know I am not just seeing things.

I slowly get up and go to the front window. Tentatively walking up the stairs…

Lack mentality is so deeply ingrained in us, we hardly know we are doing it

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Image by Florin Radu on Pixabay

We are creating our perception of our experience every single second.

Each thought we think about what is missing in our lives creates a vibration that produces more of what we don’t want or are trying to avoid.

Our thoughts are powerful creators — in fact, they’ve created all the circumstances we find ourselves in right now — whether we judge those circumstances to be positive or negative.

Why are thoughts so powerful? Because they create beliefs. And beliefs are the source of all action and alignment.

Going into 2021, I find myself so much more aware of my inner…

Try these when you feel stuck or overwhelmed.

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Many of us are dealing with some heavy and intense changes right now. The world is experiencing a complete overhaul that seemed to sneak up out of nowhere, sending our comfort and our sense of normalcy out the window.

The human brain benefits from a certain amount of structure. There are activities and relationships that mark time during our day, creating a sense of purpose and forward momentum. Since March 2020, a lot of these have shifted or disappeared completely, forcing folks to reexamine what makes them feel comfortable and grounded.

When we experience change, our egos can go into…

Our childhood conditioning has 3 components.

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I dreaded high school gym class.

We had a mean teacher who was big on conditioning training every Friday.

As we ran the mile, did endless push-ups, sit-ups, burpees and weight training, she informed us that we were conditioning our bodies for more strength, agility and stamina.

And maybe some knee, back, hip and joint problems a few decades later.

While conditioning training is more obvious on a physical level, our mental, social, emotional and psychological conditioning begins in the womb.

Epigenetics is the study of how our genes are “expressed,” which is determined in part by our environment and…

Elizabeth Gordon

Elizabeth Gordon is a writer, artist, tarot card reader, healer & former Hollywood dreamer :) IG: @elizabethgwriter

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